2015 Time Attack Clubman+ Finale.
UK Time Attack Championship results - Team 666 Roose Motorsport with our 500BHP Evo 8 finished 2nd in the Clubman+ Class!!! Over 6 rounds - of which 5 count towards the championship - we had three P1's, one P2 and one P4. Setting 3 new Clubman+ Lap Records at Oulton Park, Brands Hatch and Rockingham Motor Speedway. Car driven in all championship rounds by Jonny Roose on a very successful rookie year, with a strong management team and crew it has been a very enjoyable year and we have gained many new friends. A massive thank you to those who helped make this season so successful. A very strong and reliable performing engine built and maintained by Oli and Karl at Norris Motorsport. Marc Kemp at Panic Link Motorsport has been the footing behind Jonny's racing skill development. Comparing our first round at Cadwell Park to the growing confidence and positive results shown during the course of the season is a testament to Marc's valuable tuition. We will be returning next year with a newly rebuilt car and progressing into a higher class. There will be opportunities for people to sponsor and support our team, if this is something you may be interested in please get in touch on 01522 682646. 2015 Time Attack Clubman+ Championship Podium.